Buses are an affordable and popular means of transport in Colombia (okay, except in the watery Amazon!). They go everywhere! Use the route lookup above and other quick info on this page to get you started on seeing Colombia by bus, reputed as so beautiful and fun, you’ll never say ‘adios’!


What’s it like onboard?

Long-distance buses usually have toilets and a TV that often plays movies in Spanish (sometimes with English Subtitles). Be prepared for lots of Steven Seagal and Jean Claude Van Damme reruns, even though lately carriers are trying to offer a wider selection.

The air conditioning will be COLD; no matter what the temperature is outside. If you are traveling overnight, be sure to carry long sleeve shirts, blankets and sleeping bags. No need to argue with the driver, he is not going to adjust the temperature, which is why many Colombians travel in overnight buses with their blankets!

Short-distance buses (less than four hours) are likely to be older vehicles, have less amenities, and have more stops to let passengers on and off.


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